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Substrate Merge & Sorting System

Substrate Merge & Sorting System KPSS500
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  • System Specification
Item Description
Material Sub width max. 95mm, Length max. 240mm, Thickness min. 01.mm
Side selecting marking size min : 0.1mm / mark to marks : 0.1mm
Interlock Sub mix / Turnover / Sap code, Sub marking / 2D marking / R/F Reading
Operator / Maintenance Level
Lot S/W Out put Q’ty can be input by the user. (User define setting)
Lot Q’ty input Substrates out with requested q’ty Lot End
SPH SPH : 500 sub /hr
Automation SECS/GEM communication
SAG VSP _ over 3KW
ESD Grounded: under 10ohm
Leak current under 5V
Ionizer (Input , Output 2sets)
ESD material for product touching area.
Sub cleaning Air shower